Website Development Terms & Conditions


I. That the Designer is a freelancer who offers specialized services in the design and development of web pages.
II. That the Client wants to create a web page in his own domain, which is his property.
III. That both parties have agreed to the formalization of this web page design contract in accordance with various clauses..


FIRST.- By virtue of this contract, the Designer undertakes to carry out, in the terms established therein, the design of a web page for the Client, who requests the services of the former.

SECOND.- The design of the web page will be carried out in accordance with the deadlines that have been established in previous conversations. A total project duration of 90 days is estimated, as long as the texts and images are delivered in due time and form (otherwise, the total duration will vary).

THIRD.- Payment by the Client will be made in the manner agreed below:

  • I. At the time of signing this contract, 50% of the agreed amount will be paid.
  • II. The entire remaining price, will be paid, by transfer, at the time of completion of the project and publication of the website, against an issued invoice.
  • III. A site maintenance service will be considered a new project, and will be subject to the clauses and conditions of the contract drawn up for the case.

The payment of each of the amounts will be made by transfer to any account registered under Victor Rojas name or Legal Company he leads.

FOURTH.- The Designer will develop the project with the active collaboration of the Client to incorporate, according to his instructions, the contents of the website and provide each other with any necessary documentation, both in physical and digital format.

The Designer reserves the right, prior communication and mutual agreement, to extend the execution period or modify the publication date for technical reasons if the Client requests an essential modification of the agreed project.

FIFTH.- The Designer, once the work is finished, assigns to the client all the rights of use, modification, total or partial reproduction, translation, adaptation, arrangement or any other transformation of the design of the web page.

The designer will not retain intellectual property rights over any software, system, module, tool or any other element developed during the development of the project. The assignment or transfer of rights to the client under the conditions expressed in this clause will take place upon signing the final delivery and reception certificate of the website.

The designer may use the image, design and description of the website, only for self-promotion of his work or to show in the content of his portfolio. Also, the designer may include, in the footer section of the website, a link to his own website and a reference to the creation of the current project.

SIXTH.- Once the web project has been delivered by the Designer, any change, extension or modification of the project will be billed as a new project.

SEVENTH.– The parties agree to strictly maintain the confidentiality of the information provided between the parties on the occasion of this website design contract.

EIGHTH.- In accordance with its principles of professional ethics, the Designer guarantees that at no time will it use illegal positioning techniques (back doors, content duplication, link farms, cloaking and other similar ones) that may entail some type of penalty for the Customer by those responsible for Internet search services.

NINTH.– If the Client does not pay the agreed price on time or does not notify the content to be published in due time and form, the Designer will consider the contract terminated, without reimbursing the Client for any advanced amount and removing any content published on the website if the breach is not cured, without prejudice to other relevant legal actions.

TENTH.- If the Designer does not create the web page in the stipulated manner or term or does not communicate in a timely manner the reasons for the delay, the Client will consider the contract terminated, without reimbursing the Designer any amount, without prejudice to other legal actions relevant.

ELEVENTH.- The published web page will have an indefinite guarantee of operation from the date of delivery of the project, as long as its code remains intact and without any modification, according to the copy of the same delivered to the Client at the end of said project. , and as long as the service contracted to a third party in terms of hosting remains identical, if applicable.

TWELFTH.- A goodwill agreement is established so that, in the case of discrepancies and depending on the moment of the project, there is a friendly consensus by both parties.

THIRTEENTH.- Failure to comply with any of the clauses will be cause for termination of this contract by either party.